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About Us

       eViewTek is a national high-tech enterprise, professionally engaged in R&D, production and sales of display technology, pico-projection, lighting technology and optical components, and has passed certification of intellectual property standardization system. Our main products are optical engines of pico-projection systems, breaking through the monopoly of Japanese & Taiwan companies. With an all-out effort, the company gradually grows up into one of the state-of-the-art optical engine providers and wins many influential awards.

        eViewTek has developed and produced a full range of optical engines with a resolution of 480p->720p->1080p->4k and a luminous flux of 50->1500lm, which are widely used in many fieldssuch as consumer electronics, mobile commerce, industrial applications, wearable displays and vehicle displays. From 2020 on, the business has expanded from a single optical engine to multi-coreoptical modules. In addition to optical projection display technology, optical modules used for industrial 3D vision, 3D printing, automotive lighting, and laser lighting are developed as well.


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