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Hey!Boy! Let's take a walk in the hot June
Source:未知 Time:2020-11-14 14:27

       In the scorching sun of June, the little friends who touch the eye are wearing the scorching sun, setting foot on the beach to catch the waves in xunliao bay, huizhou, to an outdoor development, showing my touch the eye as men, women style!

  From June 21 to 22, a two-day and one-night themed outward bound training "building unity, building brilliance" was launched in xunliao bay. The purpose of this activity is to improve team cohesion and cross-departmental communication, to break down the functional barriers, to build a more united and aggressive young and energetic strong implementation team!

  "Phoenix tower 108" challenge yourself, overcome yourself, march forward!

  "60 seconds" strategy first, success to pay attention to methods!

  "Da Vinci code" divergent thinking, dare to association, clear division of labor, execution is the first element!

  We are team!

  "Wind and rain life road" trust each other, never let go of clenched hands, break through the darkness, we are not alone!

  Two days and one night of training, honing our willpower, cohesion of our team, but also discovered a number of thoughtful, capable new employees, let us know more about each other, make cooperation more tacit, make the team more cohesive.

In addition to the expansion training, the company also gave us a huge surprise, holding a special summer night birthday party for all birthday employees.


Development environment

Phoenix tower 108

Storm path

Make haste to 60 seconds

Da Vinci code

Jigsaw puzzle

Champion team spirit


Birthday parties


  Boys and girls! For a better tomorrow! Come on! Come on! Come on!!!


  Friends, come to find their own natural and unrestrained posture! On!

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